Month: July 2018

Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: QRFertile

The UConn School of Engineering’s Assistant Professor Savas Tasoglu, Ph.D. candidate Reza Amin, and Ph.D. student Stephanie Knowlton, are developing an in-home device with a smartphone-based automated analyzer to measure male fertility. Amin states that QRfertile intends that “users can eventually pick up our product from their local pharmacy, and use it in the comfort […]

Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: MycoZap

Faculty Cindy Tian and undergraduate student Elizabeth Johnson from the UConn College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources are creating a plant-derived antimicrobial treatment for illness in cattle caused by microplasma bovis. Their product, called MycoZap, primarily intends to prevent diseases like pneumonia and mastitis. The MycoZap team participated in Accelerate UConn, and decided to […]

Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: Encapsulate

Armin Tahmasbi Rad, UConn School of Engineering Ph.D. candidate, and Leila Daneshmandi, UConn School of Medicine Ph.D. candidate, are engineering a diagnosis device to determine personalized treatment for cancer. The name of their venture is Encapsulate. “Our automated tumor-on-chip system grows patients cancer cells outside the body and tests the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs against them […]

Summer Fellowship Team Highlight: WellTech

The UConn School of Medicine’s Faculty Robert Aseltine, and postdoctoral fellows Chonglian Luo and Riddhi Doshi, along with the UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences graduate student Wenjie Wang and Undergraduate Student Madeleine Aseltine, and in collaboration with industry mentor Cal Colins, are building a program to assist healthcare providers in collecting patient information […]

Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: SAVKAR.AI

Next up in our Summer Fellowship team highlight series is SAVKAR.AI.   The UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Faculty Amit Savkar, graduate student David Nichols, and industry partner William Moschella are creating a predictive analytics platform for student retention in STEM fields, called SAVKAR.AI. In the words of entrepreneurial lead David Nichols, “We […]

Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: YouCOMM

UConn School of Engineering graduates Daniel Yasoshima and Tom Cotton and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences student Jeren Koh have developed a multi-lingual tablet application that provides patients with an easier way to communicate with caregivers, called YouCOMM. This app has hands-free and voice recognition capabilities that allow patients with hindered movement to also […]

Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: Dyadic Innovations

  The next team to be featured in our highlight series is Dyadic Innovations, composed of Ruth Lucas, UConn School of Nursing faculty, Jimi Francis, University of Texas at Tyler faculty, and Patrick Hocking, UConn School of Engineering undergraduate student. This venture is in the process of designing a breastfeeding diagnostic device that would provide […]

Summer Fellowship Series Highlight: Spore

The next Summer Fellowship team highlight is Spore.   Spore is led by College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources graduate Cameron Collins and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences graduate James Polo-Lossius.   Spore is dedicated to providing local options for fresh or processed gourmet and medicinal mushroom products. They aim to broaden the […]

Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: Snipit

    The teams participating in the 2018 Summer Fellowship cohort have been hard at work all summer advancing their startups. Each team is unique in its vision and goals, and so with this post we would like to begin a team highlight series.   Snipit, led by recent UConn graduate Alexander Ciccio and UConn […]