UConn's Entrepreneurship Internship Program allows students to connect to internal and external internship opportunities relevant to entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. These include opportunities to work with new and emerging startup companies, established companies, or large corporations. Through a partnership with Handshake*, UConn's job listing platform, we offer a diverse range of positions within a variety of industries.


Interning for a large company with name recognition has its perks. But did you know that you can grow your skillsets in unique and meaningful ways by working with a small business or startup? Join UConn’s Entrepreneurship Internship Program to build your entrepreneurial mindset by working hands-on with a small business or startup company and gain real-world opportunities to acquire new, dynamic skills that are transferable to any desired career path.

Students will: 1) experience working directly with the CEO or founder of the company, 2) make a tangible impact on the business, 3) work in an innovative and creative work environment, and 4) receive real job responsibilities at the same caliber as a full-time role.

Students are encouraged to browse our current offerings and apply on a rolling basis as opportunities become available.


Need help? Hire talented and passionate students from UConn to help grow your small business or startup. UConn has a growing network of students skilled in a variety of industries and disciplines including: business, insurance, engineering, biomedical sciences, digital media, and more! Hire a UConn student to add a fresh perspective to your team, gain additional support in completing projects, and help your company achieve key milestones. Students can be hired on a project basis or a full term, depending on the needs of the company.

Employers can elect to have their internship positions posted via our web-based recruiting system Handshake. Opportunities will be posted electronically through CCEI based on the information provided. The job listings are viewed by UConn students, who then apply for the positions through the system. Resumes and other supporting documents are sent to the employer via email as they are submitted.

Visit the UConn Career Center website for more information regarding hiring student interns.


“I really enjoyed the people and the resources I was provided, especially from my company. I loved the energy everyone had and being surrounded by so many competent and personable individuals made me feel appreciated and genuinely want to do my work.”
- Anonymous
"I went into this program with the primary goal of improving my technical skills to apply to the risk management space, but I left with a much larger set of skills that improved my adaptability, communication, and ability to provide feedback. I wouldn't say I was short-sighted in setting my original goals, but what I took away was much more valuable than my initial goal."
- Anonymous
This has been a fantastic experience for Spyglaz. [Our student] came up to speed very quickly and made a big contribution in a short time. The entire team was impressed with his business skills, fast onboarding, and ability to collaborate effectively. I would highly recommend this program to any startup looking to add high-caliber student interns to their team.
- Neeraja Rassmussen, Spyglaz
“This program introduced us to a talented and motivated individual that contributed to our organization's creativity and allowed us to explore and evaluate ideas efficiently.”
- Vijay Dheap, RozieAi



For more information, please contact michaela.hartl@uconn.edu