Month: July 2019

Summer Fellowship Feature Series: Transit2College

Last up in our Summer Fellowship Feature Series we have Transit to College. “We like to describe our product as the Uber for tutors. We are in the process of creating a mobile application which connects students and tutors on demand through our platform. Our product will enable universities to extend their tutoring services, as […]

Summer Fellowship Feature: Green Agronomics

The Green Agronomics company involves two members, Jason Henderson and Amanda Clark. Their company created the Weedbine.   In the words of Jason Henderson, “Pesticides can no longer be used on school grounds and sports fields (Pre-K through 8th grade) in CT. Similar laws or pesticide restrictions have impacted other states as well, making it […]

Summer Fellowship Feature: LEVO International

Levo International is composed of a team of industry experts, from their product development team who are experienced engineers and scientists, to students from the University of Connecticut in the departments of MIS and Engineering. Levo’s science team is led by Nate Heiden, a Phd candidate at Ohio State in Plant Pathology and  Levo’s founder […]

Summer Fellowship Feature: Therapeutic Bandage

Therapeutic Bandage Products was created by Dr. Silbart early last year, who is an Allied Health professor at UConn. Colleen Ross and Jenna Marteka are undergraduates at UConn, who both came onto the project earlier this year. Jenna studies Molecular and Cellular Biology and has taken lead on the host/pathogen interaction studies while Colleen is […]

Summer Fellowship Feature: Optimize

Team Optimize has six members: Dr. Linda Pescatello, distinguished professor in the Department of Kinesiology at UConn, Dr. Margaux Guidry, Medical Science Liaison at Servier, Dr. Yin Wu, post-doc fellow in the Department of Kinesiology at UConn, Greg Panza, PhD candidate in the Department of Kinesiology at UConn and Exercise Physiologist at Hartford Hospital, Rachel […]

Summer Fellowship Feature: Phoenix Tailings

Phoenix Tailings first started working together on a ventrue in September of 2018, but was officially founded in January of 2019 by four members: Mike Martin, Nick Myers, Thomas Villalon and Michelle Chao. Their company provides both a service as well as products. The service is industrial waste (Bauxite Residue AKA Red Mud) removal and […]