Month: February 2022

Meet the Teams | Team One

Our BUILD teams are officially final, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Meet Team 1: Surveys and Pain Points- Small Business & Startup Stakeholders

Team Members: Logan Singerman, Becky Obro, Mariah Boria

Logan Singerman is in his last semester at UConn, obtaining a Master's in Public Administration (MPA). Logan is currently the Director of Community Partnerships and Communications at SINA, as well as the co-owner of the Hartford Bride. He organizes volunteer events and facilitates resident-led community projects such as playgrounds, murals, and community gardens. Logan previously served as a Director of Outreach at a homeless outreach center and also an AmeriCorps VISTA.

Becky Obro grew up in West Africa, where she realized the importance of empowering others with resources and skills to make them more independent. Becky was inspired to start her own business in 2017 as she saw that entrepreneurship is one of the keys to reducing poverty, unemployment, and many other societal issues. Becky’s business, CHOP GHANA (literally meaning “eat” or “taste”) delivered packed lunches and catering services to offices and other functions. Through this, Becky was able to employ 10 young people in Ghana. 

Mariah Boria, an undergraduate student at UConn, will also be joining Team 1.

Forming Teams

The inaugural BUILD Hartford cohort has officially broken off into teams! In our second class, the students shared their results from the ‘16 Personalities’ test as well as their insights for which aspects of the BUILD Hartford program interested them. They were then provided with the ‘Clifton Strengths for Students Top 5’ test, which allowed them to discover their top five strengths based on the answers they provided.

Logan Singerman, an MPA student in the department of Public Policy at UConn, as well as the Director of Community Partnerships & Communications at SINA, described the importance of creating teams, “I have learned through my work at a community building nonprofit that the only things that last and are effective are what you build together. That’s why our process to select teams was so collaborative. Everyone had a chance to share their preferences and vote on what criteria we should use for choosing teams. As a group we recognized that people work the best on things they are passionate about. Teams were selected based on people‘s preferences while also trying to balance out different personality types. We all had taken the Myers Briggs assessment and saw the value in having balanced teams.”

Stay tuned for the team highlights coming soon!