Summer Fellowship

Digital Surgeons Brings Branding Expertise to CT Startups

“Should I really be worried about my brand?” With so many things to focus on like product development and raising capital, have you ever found yourself asking that same question? Chances are, if you’re an entrepreneur or in marketing, you’ve pondered the question at least a few times. Ask Joe Pilcavage, Head of Creative at New Haven’s […]

Summer Fellowship 2020 Highlight: onewith

  onewith provides a smoothing, second-skin fit through a re-imagined method of creating swimwear that mimics the feel of seamless undergarments. In addition to feeling and fitting differently, onewith seeks to capture, in its aesthetics and detail, sun-soaked, nostalgic East Coast summers. For as many swimwear companies as there are, they are all – even […]

Summer Fellowship 2020 Highlight: VeraDermics

The VeraDermics team is composed of several dermatologists who treat warts on a regular basis. Like many other physicians, we are unsatisfied with current treatment options for pediatric warts. Existing methods are either painful, ineffective, or both, which means many children leave the doctor without getting treated.  To solve the problems with current wart treatments, […]

Summer Fellowship 2020 Highlight: WrapUp

WrapUp started as a passion project by Harsh Patel in India. Harsh noticed an aging infrastructure was failing the country resulting in communities being overrun by plastic pollution that would take generations to degrade. His co-founders, Kishan Patel and Louis Blanco Fernandez, both noticed similar problems in their own communities. Together they set out to […]