Summer Fellowship Feature: Phoenix Tailings

Phoenix Tailings first started working together on a ventrue in September of 2018, but was officially founded in January of 2019 by four members: Mike Martin, Nick Myers, Thomas Villalon and Michelle Chao.

Their company provides both a service as well as products. The service is industrial waste (Bauxite Residue AKA Red Mud) removal and complete disposal. The products are raw materials derived from all of the individual components of the separated industrial waste, like iron and rare earth elements.

Phoenix Tailings started developing their waste separating process because they saw that the Bauxite Residue waste represented a huge opportunity that could grant access to the useful and valuable materials locked inside of it. It just so happens that eliminating Bauxite Residue has the added bonus of being great for the environment. They then realized that there can be a new type of environmentalism which seeks solutions that are not only best for the environment, but are also best for the companies’ bottom line. “We want to change the world for the better by solving problems in ways everyone can be excited about”. – Michael Martin

By the end of the summer they hope to be finished with their proof of concept and have a well developed understanding of their customers’ needs on the product side of their business in order to proceed to the next stage of their company’s development.