Summer Fellowship Feature: Green Agronomics

The Green Agronomics company involves two members, Jason Henderson and Amanda Clark. Their company created the Weedbine.


In the words of Jason Henderson, “Pesticides can no longer be used on school grounds and sports fields (Pre-K through 8th grade) in CT. Similar laws or pesticide restrictions have impacted other states as well, making it very difficult for turfgrass managers to maintain safe playing surfaces. The Weedbine is a completely new device for turfgrass management that was created to enable sports turf managers to control weeds mechanically while they mow and maintain high quality playing surfaces where laws prohibit or severely restrict pesticide use.”


Their goal during summer fellowship is to find the quickest path to market so turfgrass managers can begin to implement this new tool into their management regime. “We think it can help a lot of people do their job more effectively where pesticide use has been severely restricted or banned.” – Jason Henderson