Summer Fellowship Highlight Series: Dyadic Innovations


The next team to be featured in our highlight series is Dyadic Innovations, composed of Ruth Lucas, UConn School of Nursing faculty, Jimi Francis, University of Texas at Tyler faculty, and Patrick Hocking, UConn School of Engineering undergraduate student. This venture is in the process of designing a breastfeeding diagnostic device that would provide an objective measurement of an infant’s breastfeeding efforts to mothers and clinicians.


The team hopes their product will help intensive care professionals to maintain weight gain and improve breastfeeding outcomes of high risk cases.


Dyadic Innovations’ entrepreneurial lead Patrick Hocking states the team decided to join the summer fellowship to gain a better foundational understanding of their market, as well as receive guidance in navigating their product to market.


“The most important thing we’ve learned so far is clarifying our target market. Identifying the NICU as an early adopter was essential in creating our market map,” says Hocking.


When discussing goals going forward, Hocking states that by the end of Summer Fellowship, Dyadic Innovations hopes to better define how their product will fit into the marketplace.