Intern Highlight

Summer 2020 Intern Highlight – Noah Sobel-Pressman


This summer I am a Summer Analyst at Health Venture, which is a digital health VC firm. I am working on the venture capital arm of the company.

I am responsible for conducting due diligence on startups, creating startup evaluation models, researching various aspects of the industry, and more. Most of my work I do I work with the other interns collaboratively and I also work with my supervisor as well.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is a huge part of my position as I am working on investing in startups. We have to be very innovative in our analysis of startups to ensure we are maximizing our analysis and finding the best companies.

I have learned a lot about the VC world, from analyzing startups to raising VC funds. This knowledge I have gained from the internship with help propel me forward because I have a better understanding of the industry.

Summer 2020 Intern Highlight

I am working as a product manager intern at Ometry and it is helping me to learn the skills and challenges which a product manager faces. Customer empathy is the most important attribute for a product manager and I am getting the exposure to learn about the customers at Ometry and how I can help with launching products which can help with their requirements.


Ometry is a risk technology, measuring road safety. By providing location-specific risk scores, Ometry helps insurers and fleets know where it is unsafe to drive and improve the measurement and management of crash risks. I have worked for 8 years as an IT consultant for technology and Insurance companies. I am gradually transitioning towards product management role. At Ometry my role is of a product manager.


My day to day responsibilities are: Working with customers and Head of products to understand the goal of the project, creating product road map aligned with the project goals, planning the Sprint and assigning the tasks to the right resources, working on the product architecture, designing the DatawareHouse, presenting the team accomplishments to the senior leadership, helping with Quality Control of the product, and creating the business scenarios for the product.


My Key partners are: Developers, Business Analyst, Head of Product and customers.


I am working on Launching a risk technology product to measure risk on roads. Innovation is the core of the product to come with out of the box mechanisms using technology to accurately find out the areas which are dangerous for drivers as well as help Insurance underwriters write the policy based on the safety policy which drivers incorporate in their day to day life.


My goal after being an IT consultant for 8 years was to move toward product management for technology products. I am very obliged to CCEI for helping to meet my personal aspirations.



Summer 2020 Intern Highlight – Alok Bhatt


April 17,2020- I received the opportunity to work as a part of the core team at the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI). And thus, began my work as the Summer Fellowship Program Management Intern– handling program management and delivery of the Summer Fellowship program featuring top ten startups selected for the 2020 cohort!   

Working closely with Jennifer (Director, CCEI) and Michelle (Lead instructor, CCEI), my role incorporates planning and operational activities ranging across handling the mentors’ engagement with our startups, compiling/ citing suitable learning resources for startups, facilitating the weekly Founder’s breakfast (informal virtual chat sessions with the startup founders/ CEOs), reviewing/ analyzing program surveys, to ensuring smooth delivery of the events and daily sessions throughout the program. I am also very grateful to Chereace and Michaela who- with their experience- have been immensely helpful in my journey with CCEI.  

Working in close coordination with startup experts in Hartford (and beyond), the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is everything for us at the CCEI! I started consulting for startups and small businesses during my semester itself as a part of the Experiential Learning Collaborative and in my role as the Vice President of the UConn Graduate Consulting (UGC) Club. But my experience this summer with CCEI ties it all together. I am thrilled to support these new ventures bring in new products, services, and technologies to revamp the future- our future! Beyond learning from the enriching experiences of mentors about the key ingredients to create a successful venture, holding office hours and consulting for the startups regarding strategy planning and their specific projects/ issues, I have the opportunity to reach out to and get in touch with experts across a variety of domains and bring them to the common platform of CCEI. On a much more operational level, one of the most challenging and interesting experiences thus far has been how to quickly adapt and convert the program (that too a startup accelerator!) to a fully online deliverable format in a few weeks’ time.  

And, we are barely mid-way into it! Looking forward to an exciting and eventful summer.

Summer 2020 Intern Highlight: Bharath Tata


The company I work for is UDoTest, it’s a company that provides access to In-home disease testing, we have tests for uptown 18 different diseases. But right now, the focus is on At-home/office COVID-19 testing for customers/employees. We have been helping companies Get back to work by making sure that their workplace is safe.

I’m working as a product/project Manager Intern at UDoTest and my responsibilities are Evaluating products, including conducting a deep competitive analysis, Reviewing emerging threats, Identifying opportunities and niche players, Assessing sales needs and customer demand, Formulating potential business opportunities, Providing operational support in tracking and assessing, Onboarding new vendors and customers (Employees).

When working at a startup, there is no specified path in dealing things, the most important thing is to get things done as fast as possible, keeping the Quality in mind and this leads to many innovative ideas in the company.

As an International student this Internship gave me a chance to deep dive into the American market. I have learnt a lot of things from my CEO, like being on your toes all the time to grab any opportunities that come our way. As an MBA student, I have learnt so many things about the real-world Business scenarios, How to acquire customer, stakeholder Management, Resource Management and Integration Management.