Summer Fellowship 2020 Highlight: Kona Brand

Kona Brand creates fun Winter flannels that make you smile so that active, driven people have a reminder to live a more care-filled life. Now, living a care-filled life isn’t something people hear a lot, in fact it’s the antithesis of living a care-FREE life. When we picture a care-free life, we think of The Dude (from the movie “The Big Lebowski”), and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, at Kona Brand we care about things. We care about our jobs, our hobbies, and how we spend our time the same way we care about our friends, family and pets. So, the idea of living a care-FILLED life is to basically throw everything you are into things that make you happy. For us, that’s making fun Winter flannels that make you smile, while finding a home for every dog.

Why do we care about finding a home for every dog? Well, I grew up with rescue dogs in my house and my beautiful good boy rescue dog, Kona, was the inspiration behind Kona Brand. Sadly, only 1 out of every 10 dogs born will find a permanent home. Each year, approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized because shelters are too full and there are not enough adoptive homes. That is why we are donating a percentage of each Kona Brand sale to dog charities and hope to partner with them in the future.