Startup Bill Tracker (+ Free Downloadable Tracking Sheet!)

Take control of your finances with our user-friendly “bill tracker” spreadsheet template! Never miss a payment and stay organized while tracking bills on a monthly, annually, bi-annually or quarterly basis. 

Why should I be tracking my bills?

Financial Visibility: A bill tracker provides a clear overview of all financial commitments and obligations. This transparency is crucial for founders to understand their cash flow, expenses, and overall financial health.

Due Date Management: A bill tracker helps in keeping track of payment due dates. Timely payments are crucial for maintaining good relationships with suppliers and avoiding late fees, ensuring smooth operation of the business.

Financial Decision Making: With a bill tracker, founders can make data-driven financial decisions. They can analyze spending patterns, identify trends, and adjust based on actual financial data, rather than making decisions based on assumptions.

Tax Preparation: Keeping a detailed record of bills and expenses simplifies the tax preparation process. It ensures that all eligible business expenses are accounted for, potentially reducing the tax burden for the startup.

Download now … because every penny counts on the road to success!

Instructions for use:
1. Click the button above to open the file
2. Once in the document, click "File" and "Make a Copy"
3. Save to a Google Drive folder of your choosing
4. There is one template sheet with expense examples input, and one blank sheet for your use!