Accelerate UConn Fall 2023 Phase 1 Cohort Announced

The Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI) is pleased to announce the teams selected to participate in the 24th cohort of Accelerate UConn, the University’s National Science Foundation I-Corps site. The following teams will receive special training and a $1,000 seed grant to help understand whether and how their technology might create customer value:

Fall 2023 Phase 1 Cohort:

Cindy Calle (Undergraduate Student), Jazlyn Claudio (Undergraduate Student), Brian Lucas Delarosa (Undergraduate Student), Gabriela Rosado (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences  EndoX

Longtu Chen (Faculty), Bin Feng (Faculty), Shaopeng Zhang (Faculty), Eric Woon (Ph.D/Doctoral Student), School of Engineering  Novel Neuromodulation approach for addressing chronic pain

Amir Seyedsalehi (Graduate Student), Ali Tamayol (Faculty), School of Engineering  3D PenBone

Dorian Thompson (Graduate Student), Yu Lei (Faculty), Niloofar Zolfigol (Graduate Student), School of Engineering  PFASense

Adam Herman (Alumni), Yvonne Criscuolo (Alumni), School of Engineering  Diatreaties/GlucoGoodies

Ryan C. Cooper (Faculty), School of Engineering — Educational JupyterHub Deployment

Maryam Farhadi (Graduate Student), Zahra Zare (Graduate Student), School of Fine Arts — NavGenie

Anuj Purohit (Staff), Mingyu Qiao (Faculty), Yidan Zhang (Graduate Student), Matt Cleaver (Industry Mentor), College of Agriculture Health & Natural Resources — Atlantic Sea Solutions

Tirth Thakar (Graduate Student), Mihai Duduta (Faculty), School of Engineering — Space Gripper

Ting Zhou (Faculty), Christina Ross (Faculty), School of Fine Arts & School of Nursing — Sexual Self Efficacy Learning App

Roya Movahed (Graduate Student), School of Fine Arts — An mHealth App for Fibromyalgia Female Patients and Their Supporters

Christopher Foster (Staff), Courtney Rowe (Faculty), Kelly Burke (Faculty), UConn Health & Institute of Material Science — Urethral Slow-Release Therapeutic Stent

The program includes four weeks of intensive training to evaluate their business ideas and conduct customer discovery activities, and provides a $2,000 grant to be used on customer discovery and prototyping. 

CCEI operates Accelerate UConn (AU). As an NSF I-Corps program, AU was formed to foster entrepreneurship resulting in technology commercialization. I-Corps sites are academic institutions that catalyze the engagement of multiple, local teams in technology transition and strengthen local innovation.

For more information about Accelerate UConn, visit or email