Summer Fellowship 2020 Highlight: WrapUp

WrapUp started as a passion project by Harsh Patel in India. Harsh noticed an aging infrastructure was failing the country resulting in communities being overrun by plastic pollution that would take generations to degrade. His co-founders, Kishan Patel and Louis Blanco Fernandez, both noticed similar problems in their own communities. Together they set out to create a solution to help reduce the 14.5 million tons of single use plastic produced by the food packaging industry every year. Current bioplastics are marketed to be sustainable but contain additives like PLA, which take years to degrade and often require special conditions to break down.

The first product, WrapUp Films, started in the Netherlands and uses natural ingredients to create a new type of bioplastic that’s better for the planet. Unlike other bioplastics, our starch blend will degrade naturally in under a year on land and even faster in our oceans. Our product is completely compostable which means it will break down naturally. The formulation leaves no residuals like harmful micro plastics and can even be used as compost for gardens. This means that no turtles or sea life is harmed by our plastic. The unique formulation also allows for the packaging to be infused with aromas, flavors, natural colors, and textures which allows businesses to redefine their consumer experience like never before.

WrapUp began in the summer of 2019 and since then has been a part of Accelerate UConn, Smile Labs, EIT Food, Open Lab Skane, Venture Lab at Lund University, and now Summer Fellowship. During Summer Fellowship, we hope to finish lab testing for our product, get a better sense of the manufacturing requirements, and better understand our market.

We firmly believe that there is no Planet B. It is up to all of us to care for this planet that we call home not only for us but for future generations. So please re-use, recycle, and WrapUp.