Announcing the 2020 cohort of the CCEI Summer Fellowship Program!

CCEI Summer Fellowship 2020 logo

The Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is proud to announce the 10 startups participating in the 5th cohort of the CCEI Summer Fellowship Program.

The top ten startups from across the University are selected to participate in the Summer Fellowship experience. This program launches in June and throughout the 8 week program, startups develop the skills needed to bring new products, services, and technologies to market. Each startup team receives one-on-one coaching and mentorship from industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs. Teams are provided with pro-bono legal, accounting services, and marketing and branding support to help with initial business setup. Each of the 10 teams are provided with $15,000 of startup funding.

CCEI Summer Fellowship is UConn’s startup accelerator program and is in immersive entrepreneurial experience open to anyone affiliated with UConn (students, faculty, staff and alumni). This program has been CCEI’s flagship offering since 2016 and has prepared startups to launch their company, generate revenue, secure funding, and be accepted into internationally recognized incubators and accelerator programs.

At the conclusion of the program, 5 out of the 10 teams will be selected to move on to the Wolff New Venture Competition. Read more about Phoenix Tailings and the rest of the 2019 CCEI Summer Fellowship Program and the Wolff New Venture Competition cohorts.

CCEI Summer Fellowship 2020 Cohort:

Hintersight Studios, LLC- Developing and designing digital hybrid tabletop games and similar new game media.

Stefan Lopuszanski (Graduate Student), School of Fine Arts

Kona Brand- A mission driven company that makes Hawaiian flannel shirts while helping to find a home for every dog.

Zachary Will (Undergraduate Student), School of Business

Momentum- Gamified mobile/desktop platform that connect local high school students to local resources as it pertains to education, employment, and mentorship (“LinkedIn for Youth”).

Janoye Williams (Graduate Student), School of Business; Astou Daillo (Undergraduate Student), School of Business; Chiziterem Uwaga, School of Engineering

NSH Solutions, LLC- Provides solutions to elderly, injured, or otherwise disabled to maintain their independence and privacy by providing a powered toilet lift that assists them on and off a standard toilet with minimal effort.

Timothy Kruspki (Graduate Student), School of Business & School of Engineering; Jeremy Bronen (Undergraduate Student), School of Engineering

onewithMillennial-geared swimwear brand that plays on a generation’s favorite undergarment: seamless underwear.

Hayley Segar (Alumni), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Pisces Atlantic, LLC- An environmentally-friendly industrial aquaculture feed that helps fish farmers to reduce their feed expenses while also producing a higher-quality product.

Peter Goggins (Undergraduate Student), College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources

Sourcery- A document delivery app that gives researchers access to the documents they need – faster, cheaper and with less hassle.

Dr. Tom Scheinfeldt (Faculty), School of Fine Arts & Greenhouse Studios; Dr. Wes Hamrick (PostDoc), School of Fine Arts & Greenhouse Studios; Brooke Gemmell (Staff), School of Fine Arts & Greenhouse Studios; Sara Sikes (Staff) Greenhouse Studios; Greg Colati (Staff), UConn Library; Brian Daley (Staff), School of Fine Arts & Greenhouse Studios; Garrett McComas (Staff) School of Fine Arts & Greenhouse Studios; Allison Marsh (Undergraduate Student), School of Fine Arts

Unlimino- Developed the MacroPad, a touchscreen macro keypad that remembers keyboard operations defined by the user to reduce repetitive typing, memorize keyboard shortcuts, and expedite workflow.

Harrison Burr (Undergraduate Student), School of Fine Arts; Andrew Martino; Pranav Thaker; Brandon Lebiszczak; Christian Galain

VeraDermics, Inc.- Dermatology-focused startup developing kid-friendly treatments for common childhood skin conditions.

Dr. Reid Waldman (Fellow), UConn Health; Madeline DeWane (Medical Student), UConn Health; Audrey Worth (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; Dr. Tim Durso; Dr. Ming Lee; Kyle Ryder

WrapUp- Created environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging for food companies.

Kishan Patel (Alumni), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

We welcome you to join us for the CCEI Summer Fellowship Finale event on August 6, 2020 at CCEI in Hartford (100 Constitution Plaza).