Summer Fellowship Feature: Jeremy Bronen

It’s been one year since I formally joined up with my Co-Founder Tim Krupski and so much has happened! Tim and I created a patent pending toilet lift assist product to help the elderly and disabled get on and off the toilet. The 3 CCEI programs Tim and I attended essentially transformed our idea into a viable business. I knew it was time for me to transition from a part time venture to fully onboarding to SedMed when Tim and I reached the point where we realized we needed to fully commit to the great opportunity we had. Knowing that SedMed has the opportunity to save people’s lives and prevent injuries along with the overwhelming support of my family, friends, and mentors inspired me to make the jump.

It’s funny, my whole outlook on life has actually completely changed since I became full-time on SedMed – I am much much happier and am more motivated than ever. I came on full time as CEO to launch and run our company with my co-founder. The extra time I gained being full time has allowed me to devote way more time to key meetings, work on BD, and network constantly. I also will be driving our prototype around to scores of important stakeholders, users, and investors to review and demo it. My first week being a full-time CEO was BUSY! Before I made the jump, Tim and I organized every task imaginable for the next 12 months into our project management software so we knew we had a lot to get done. As I mentioned, being able to fully commit myself to our venture is one of the most freeing, motivating, and serotonin-producing things I’ve ever done. It’s a lifestyle that comes with a lot of work, but will be the most rewarding when we are able to help people and scale our business.