Winter in Israel: Waiting for Students to Arrive

CCEI Managing Director Michelle Cote visiting Jaffa as she prepares for students to arrive to Israel.

This morning, CCEI’s 8 Winter in Israel students arrived in Tel Aviv to be welcomed by CCEI Managing Director Michelle Cote and adjunct professor and Partner at Hinckley Allen, Daniel Gottfried. These students will spend the next 10 days traveling through Israel and learning from leaders in technology, business, visiting government offices, large high tech enterprises, venture capital investors, technology accelerators, and academic institutions. In addition our students will be visiting some of Israel’s cultural and historic sites, from the old city of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea.

Students and faculty directors stop to appreciate the view over Jerusalem on their first day in Israel

Beginning on Friday, each of our 8 students will be recounting one day of the program through this blog – telling us about the places they’ve visited, what they’ve learned, and their experience so far being immersed in the entrepreneurial culture of Israel. We can’t wait to hear from our students and see their photos over the course of the trip!