Meet the Teams | Team 2

build hartford team two

Meet our second BUILD Hartford team!

Team 2: Peer Cities Review- Communities
Team Members: Helen Yang, JiaLiAn Stolfi, Natalie Roach, Mehak Sharma

Helen Yang is an honor undergraduate student and serves as the Media Chair of Honors for Diversity. Helen is a first-generation college student and is looking forward to opening her perspective to entrepreneurship through community-building.

Next on Team 2, we have JiaLiAn Stolfi. JiaLiAn is an undergraduate student pursuing a dual degree in finance and journalism. She is looking forward to working with local businesses this semester to ideate unique solutions regarding wealth disparities and homelessness in Hartford. Previously, JiaLiAn participated in a similar program, The Global Leadership Institute, where she hosted a cultural event to increase acceptance in the community.

Mehak Sharma is on the pre-med track and is fascinated by the way innovation and entrepreneurship can be used to provide solutions for addressing community health issues.

Natalie Roach, a graduate student at UConn, will also be joining the team.