One of the most powerful tools for an entrepreneur is being connected to the right resources when they are needed most. Timely Topics, a series hosted by CCEI, features panels of speakers, workshops to engage our entrepreneurs, and fire side chats with successful business leaders. These sessions are a way for CCEI to provide ongoing opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and connect. 

Aloha! Goodbye & Hello: Moving From One Timely Topic To The Next

with Jennifer Mathieu & Rory McGloin PhD | CCEI


Tuesday, December 12, 2023 @ 12-1PM


Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new! Get ready for the next chapter of Timely Topics as it forges deeper connections with its community, addresses contemporary topics, and has a lot of fun along the way. Join Jen and Rory as they discuss the new direction it will be taking, and reflect on what we’ve learned from the series over the past two years. 

Jennifer Mathieu is the Executive Director of CCEI and supports economic development by fostering initiatives for startups and small businesses at UConn, across Connecticut and to alumni worldwide. In this role she has helped to launch and grow hundreds of startups and several new programs and initiatives to support entrepreneurs. Jennifer is an entrepreneurship educator and teaches courses and programs to support entrepreneurs. Read more about Jennifer's background here.

Rory McGloin Ph.D. is an award-winning business communication professor at the University of Connecticut. Rory's career in higher education spans 17+ years, including engagements with over 10,000 learners to date and 35 peer-reviewed publications. In addition, Rory serves as the Associate Director of Communication Programming and Development for the UConn School of Engineering’s Professional Education Program as well as serving as the Associate Director of Entrepreneurial Communication & Research with CCEI. Read more about Rory's background here.
Watch Past Events
Aloha! Goodbye & Hello: Moving From One Timely Topic To The Next
with Jennifer Mathieu and Rory McGloin PhD
Military Leadership Tactics In A Modern Civilian World
with Will Farmer

Army Ranger To Founder: How One EBV Graduate’s Mission Led To Entrepreneurship
with Jonathan Norton

Empowered Women Empower Women: The Positive Influence of Mentors on Women Leaders
with Jennifer Mathieu, Hayley Segar, Grace Napolitano, Milena Erwin

How Modern Managers Should Think About Generative AI
with Sami Ghaddar PhD

Leadership Through Mindfulness
with Hannah Drain Taylor

Becoming A Whole Human Achiever: Honoring Ambition Without Sacrificing Well-Being
with Lauren St. Germain

The Entrepreneurial Mindset of Public Speaking
with Carly Middleton & Jeff Varrone

Identifying & Refining Your Values
with Jennifer Mathieu and Rory McGloin PhD

Made In Connecticut, Staying In Connecticut
with Adam Rodrigues

Passion, Persistence, & Recognizing The Malleable World
with Jeremy Bronen 

Life Design: Wherever You Are Is A Great Place To Begin
with Brooke Gemmell

Master Your Magic
with Matt Chavlovich

CAKES Isn't Just A Company, It's A Movement
with Olivia Mott

Navigating Career Transitions
with Matt Riley

What Does Success Mean To You; Finding Your Why!
with Christin Collins

Increase Your Income & Impact By Sharing Your Story
with Elizabeth Hill

Preparing The Pitch (Part 2)
with Lily Macomber

Preparing The Pitch (Part 1)
with Lily Macomber

Unintended Solopreneurship
with Donald Pendagast

The Timeliest of Topics: CCEI's 15th Anniversary Celebration
with Jennifer Mathieu, Ryan Gresh, and Nick Wagner

Turning Dreams Into Reality In Hawaii: Veteran Built Chocolate Farm
with Michael Rogers and Maria Carl

How To Conquer Imposter Syndrome In 3 Easy Steps
with Grace Napolitano

with Brittany Stephenson

Using Self-Awareness As A Strength In Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Week
with Jennifer Mathieu, Shay Cantner, Hayley Segar, and Jayme Coates

Inflection Point: Leveraging Experience To Cultivate A New Business
with Joseph Skelnar

Every Success Begins With An "ASK"
with Maureen Ahern

How Grit Turns Into Growth
with Shannon Malkin Daniels

Making Sales Simple
with Steve Lanzit

Up & Coming Professional: What It's Like Being A Young Woman Navigating The Professional World
with Meghan Diamond

The Relationship Between Creativity & Burnout
with Nova Lorrainne



Productivity Powerhouse
with Dave Bruno

The Value Of Storytelling In Your Business Pitch
with Rory McGloin

Is It Time To Export?
by Erno de Brunjo

Commercializing Big Ideas 
with Rachel Brand


An International Perspective On Scaling Your Business
with Andy Mackin

Riding The Roller Coaster Of Entrepreneurship
with Ryan Gresh

Interested in hosting your own Timely Topics in 2023? Contact Michaela Hartl at michaela.hartl@uconn.edu!