CCEI helps students & faculty become successful entrepreneurs

Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CCEI), established in 2007, is identified as an area of strength by the University and vital to the state and national economy, the School of Business, and the University, as a whole. It serves as a focal point for entrepreneurship at UConn, stimulating student and faculty participation in entrepreneurship and innovation, providing a pipeline of talented, knowledgeable, and skilled entrepreneurs to the State’s economy, facilitating the development of transformational businesses in CT, and enhancing Connecticut’s business climate by assisting new as well as existing companies to solve the complex business problems associated with the successful capture of market opportunities.

CCEI is committed to the University of Connecticut’s Core Values of Innovation, Leadership, Global Engagement and Diversity. As part of one of the United States’ leading public universities, we benefit from the academic background, strength in numbers and geographic positioning of the various populations we work with. There are over 1,900 faculty member who are widely recognized for cutting-edge research and internationally respected expertise. There are over 32,027 students, including undergraduate and graduate students spanning 14 schools and colleges, 112 majors, and over 100 research and professional fields of study. The University has nearly 247,000 total alumni worldwide with nearly half of them living in Connecticut.


CCEI focuses our resources on high-impact ventures tackling fundamental problems. We inspire and support a robust entrepreneurial culture across academic disciplines throughout the University by offering programs that induce practical experience in entrepreneurship to prepare students and faculty to be more successful in their careers, and by facilitating efforts to generate new knowledge and capabilities for the entrepreneurship educators of tomorrow. CCEI focuses energy in four broad categories that serve the School of Business, the University of Connecticut, and our broader entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem.


Supporting entrepreneurs and innovators across the University of Connecticut by providing funding, programs, and mentorship to help accelerate their ventures.


Growing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders through rigorous academic and experiential programs.


Propagating thought leadership in entrepreneurship and innovation through funding research and teaching projects, and organizing research seminars and events of consequence to business and society.


Fostering a diverse and collaborative community of scholars, students, faculty, alumni, and practitioners engaged in the study and pursuit of entrepreneurship and innovation, all while supporting the greater entrepreneurship ecosystem.

2018-2019 Annual Report

CCEI Programs

summer fellowship



UConn startups test their business models and develop skills to launch their business. 

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Biomedical Entrepreneurship


Life Science

UConn course instructing students how to launch scientific business ventures. 

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Entrepreneurship Abroad



Exposing students to world-wide innovation while studying in entrepreneurial hotspots. 

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Accelerate UConn



Determine potential for new technology and products to reach the marketplace. 

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Verge Consulting



Graduate students help UConn startups overcome roadblocks within their businesses. 

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