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Growing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders through academic courses that engage students in innovation in emerging technologies.
Biomedical Entrepreneurship Course

Biomedical Entrepreneurship Course (BME)

Multi-disciplinary course in biomedical entrepreneurship, targeting graduate students and honors or advanced undergraduates from across the university with the purpose of engaging them in topics around issues and areas of opportunity in healthcare and life sciences. Application required for registration.

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InsurTech Course

3 credit course providing opportunities for students to analyze related case studies and listen to speakers that have experience in the InsurTech industry. Students will gain an understanding of the differences between traditional insurance and InsurTech business strategies. 

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  • Connectivity Fostering a diverse and collaborative community of students, faculty, and alumni entrepreneurs and innovators, all while supporting the greater entrepreneurship ecosystem within the State.
  • Experience Entrepreneurship Experiential learning and internship programs that engage students with startups and small businesses in Connecticut.
  • Venture Support Supporting entrepreneurs and innovators across the University of Connecticut by providing funding, programs, and mentorship to help accelerate their ventures.

    Other Entrepreneurship Education Opportunities at UConn

    Undergraduate Courses

    Business Engineering Digital Media and Design Communications
    FNCE 4319 – Entrepreneurial Finance ENGR 3500 - Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship DMD 2700 - Digital Media Strategies for Business COMM2100 - Professional Communication
    MGMT 3230 – Thinking, Acting, and Managing Entrepreneurially DMD 3440 -Introduction to Mobile Application Development COMM4130 - Marketing Communication
    MGMT 3234 – Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion DMD 3720 - Digital Media Analytics
    MGMT 3235 – Venture Planning, Management, and Growth DMD 3730. Digital Consumer Behavior
    MGMT 4271 – Venture Consulting
    MGMT 3741 – Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship
    MGMT 3742 – New Venture Management
    MKTG 3753 - Entrepreneurial Marketing
    MKTG 3757 - Strategic Brand Management

    Graduate Courses

    Business Engineering Law Digital Media and Design
    BADM 5310 - Experiential Learning Collaborative Project ENGR 5300 – Experiential Technology Entrepreneurship I and II LAW 7877 – Clinic: Intellectual Property (Fall/Spring) DMD 5440 - Mobile Application Development
    BADM 5311 - Experiential Learning Collaborative Advanced Project ENGR 5311 - Professional Communication and Information Management LAW 7798 – Clinic: Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship, Advanced Fieldwork DMD 5720 -  Digital Media Analytics
    BADM 5330 - SCOPE I: Social Entrepreneurship Processes BME 6086-020 (Cross-listed as BADM 5894-011/MGMT 5895-012) – Biomedical Entrepreneurship LAW 7716 – Patent Law (Fall) DMD 5730 -Digital Consumer Behavior
    BLAW 5254 - Managing the Future of Social Enterprise LAW 7735 – Patent Law, Adv: Practice and Procedure (Spring)
    MGMT 5223 – Managing Innovation and Change LAW 7939 – Trademark Law (Fall)
    MGMT 5335 – Venture Planning, Management, and Growth LAW 7715 – Intellectual Property (Spring)
    MGMT 5634 – Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion LAW 7829 – Comparative Intellectual Property Law (Spring)
    MGMT 5895-012 (Cross-listed as BME 6086-020/BADM 5894-011) – Biomedical Entrepreneurship LAW 7757 – Strategic Decisions in Intellectual Property (Fall)
      LAW 7834 – Copyright (Spring)
      LAW 7933 – Copyright in the Digital Age (Fall)
      LAW 7605 – Business Organizations (Fall/Spring)
      LAW 7807 – Corporate and Tax Planning in Business Transactions (Spring)
      LAW 7605 – Business Organizations (Fall/Spring)
    Major Offered By Available To 
    Business Administration School of Business Business Undergraduates
    Individualized Major College of Liberal Arts and Sciences All Undergraduates
    Management School of Business Business Undergraduates
    Digital Marketing & Analytics  School of Business Stamford Campus Business Undergraduates
    Minor Offered By Available To
    Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship School of Education All Undergraduates
    Entrepreneurship School of Business Non-Business Undergraduates
    Management School of Business Business Undergraduates
    Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation School of Business and Engineering Non-Business Undergraduates