Summer Fellowship Teams

Introducing our 2016 Summer Fellowship teams:


Eleframes is story-telling made beautiful.  Eleframes are free-form interlocking photograph displays that can be easily mounted on walls and spaces where damage-free removal is imperative.   Successfully launched in 2015-16, Eleframes was created by Rosse Gates and Gazment Sosoli, both are 2016 Graduates from School of Engineering, with Degrees in Mechanical Engineering.  Previous awards: Idea Grant Fall 2014; Innovation Quest Spring 2015 4th place and Judge's Special Award; IQ Incubator Summer 2015; Wolff New Venture Competition Finalist 2016.


Protectiscope intends to improve stethoscope hygiene in healthcare settings.  Protectiscope is a wall mounted dispenser that houses a film roll which can be applied to the stethoscope diaphragm via hands-free application.  This innovation will redefine stethoscope hygiene to ensure consistent cleanliness and less risk of patient contamination, and was developed by Elizabeth Pouya, '17 CLAS (Physiology and Neurobiology) and Ryan Cordier, '18 Engineering (Biomedical Engineering).  Previous awards: Idea Grant 2016; Innovation Quest Spring 2016; IQ Incubator Summer 2016; IQ Winner; FCP Euro Prize in Entrepreneurship Summer 2016; CT Next Entrepreneur Innovation Awards - Pitch Prize Fall 2016, Wolff New Venture Prize 2016.

eva systems

EVA Systems is a device that makes it easier to measure contaminant levels in water using a process called "passive sampling".  The devide is placed directly into the body of water being tested, with results available in as little as two hours.  This also provides a better representative picture of the overall health of the body of water.  The idea was developed by Dr. Penny Vlahos, professor of Marine Sciences at Avery Point (and Storrs), and her Graduate Research Assistant, Joe Warren, Masters candidate in Marine Sciences, majoring in Chemical Oceanography.  Previous awards: NSF Accelerate UConn Spring 2016; Moore Foundation funding and SERDP; Innovation Accelerator Fall 2016; Wolff New Venture Competition Finalist 2016.


LambdaVision is developing a protein-based retinal implact for the treatment of blinding degenerative diseases.  Founded out of discoveries made in Dr. Robert Birge's laboratory at UConn, Dr. Wagner has been directing both the research and commercialization activities of the company, while Dr. Greco has played a critical role in the development and optimization of the retinal implant.  Molly Zgoda is an undergraduate research assistant on the project.  Audrey Gallo works with the team on their marketing and strategy.  Previous awards:  TIP, UConn Ventures Prototype Development Fund (2009), Connecticut Innovations Pre-Seed Fund (2011, 2013), CCAT - Manufacturing Technical Assistance Program (2014), CCAT Small Business Incubator Grant (2014), NIH Phase I STTR (2014), NSF Phase I SBIR & Phase IB (2015), Connection Innovations Commercialization & Acceleration Grant (2015); Wolf New Venture Prize (2016).

oral fluid dynamics

Oral Fluid Dynamics is a novel dental solution developed to solve the medical problem of dry mouth through the use of an artificial salivary gland that, when surgically implanted into a patient's mouth, mimics natural saliva production and relieves dryness. The idea was developed by Dr. Robert Kelly, a professor of reconstructive sciences in the School of Dental Medicine.  Dr. Kelly is working with Gopinath Rajadinakaran, Graduate Student in the MBA/PhD program with the School of Business.  Previous awards: Biosciences Connecticut SPARK Grant funding, Connection Innovations Pipeline, VP Research Convergence Grant, Accelerate UConn Fall 2015, Wolff New Venture Competition finalist 2016.


Reinesse is dedicating to reinforce skin essence and rejuvenate the aging skin. Reinesse is currently focusing on solving the wrinkle problem on the human face through nanotechnology and advanced delivery system by providing long-lasting and healthy skin conditions.  The idea was developed by Ying Liu, PhD candidate with the School of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) and Yue Zhang, PhD candidate in School of Pharmacy, and MBA Student with School of Business.  Previous awards: Accelerate UConn Fall 2015, Third Bridge Grant, ENGR5300 I & II, Technology Incubator Program (TIP).


ShrimpBright produces glowing shrimp for home aquariums, education, and pollution reporting.  ShrimpBright furthers the vision of designer pets by genetically engineering commonly sold aquarium shrimp to express flourescent proteins.  It can also be used as a bio-indicator for pollutants.  Tony Patelunas, CLAS Graduate Student in Molecular Biology, began work on this project stemming from a personal hobby breeding aquarium shrimp.  ShrimpBright successfully completed both Accelerate UConn, and the Summer Fellowship Program.  Previous awards: Marine Biological Laboratory Grant 2015, Innovation Quest Spring 2016 Finalist, IQ Incubator Summer 2016, Accelerate UConn Spring 2016, Innovation Accelerator Fall 2016.


3D Array Technologies is developing a unique nano-array based low temperature active catalytic converter for combustion engine providers and owners that will help them meet the more restricted EPA emission regulations.   Developed by two UConn researchers, Assistant Research Professor Yanbing Guo and Associate Professor Pu-Xian Gao, both from Uconn's Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Institute of Materials Science.  3D Array Technologies successfully completed both Accelerate UConn, and the Summer Fellowship Program.  Previous awards: Experiential Technology Entrepreneurship I & II, Third Bridge Grant, Accelerate UConn Fall 2015, Innovation Accelerator Fall 2015.


RA-RxD is developing a novel, first-in-class biologic for rheumatoid arthritis patients who fail first-line treatments, that comes with its own diagnostic test to predict and monitor patient response, saving valuable treatment time and cutting costs.  The treatment was developed by two UConn researchers, Dr. Caroline Dealy and Dr. Nita Maihle.  Ryan Beach, a 2016 graduate of UConn's Bioscience Master's Program, works in the lab.  Guanwei Tao is a graduate student in the full-time MBA program with the School of Business, and is working with the team on marketing and strategy.  Previous awards: Accelerate UConn Spring 2016, UConn TIP founder and director, 2012 Connecticut Woman of Innovation finalist in Leadership & Entrepreneurship, 2016 nominee Academic Innovation and Leadership category.  


ManeDomane is developing a marketplace platform to connect quality buyers with clients.  The platform allows for the trial and purchase of quality hair, hair products, and services.  Ofonime Udo-Okon is a 2016 Graduate from UConn CLAS, Women and Gender Studies Program.  She is one of the co-founders of ManeDomane.  Cherina Zerbo, co-founder of ManeDomane, is responsible for the social and marketing side of the business.  

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