Student Programs & Courses

The time is NOW! CCEI provides a variety of programs and resources for students. Whether you have an idea for a new venture, or want to learn more about how you can use your skills to help support emerging entrepreneurs, we're invested helping you to succeed.

Innovation Accelerator

February 1st – May 10th
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Verge Consulting Group

June 1st – August 26th
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Accelerate UConn

February 1st – April 30th
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CCEI Summer Fellowship

June 1st – August 1st
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CCEI offers courses in the Fall and Spring that are entrepreneurial in nature, to graduate and undergraduate students.  Whether you are from the School of Business, College of Engineering, UConn Health, Pharmacy, Medicine, NEAG, or Liberal Arts & Sciences, or any other area within the university, these courses are open to you.  We're invested in helping you to develop your entrepreneurial skills, regardless of your academic background.  CCEI focuses on interdisciplinary efforts across all schools, with a focus on tackling real clinical and business needs to enable future commercialization.  

Innovation Accelerator (BADM5320/MGMT4899)

About the course:

What is it like to start a new company? What special challenges do startups face on the path between developing a business plan and generating their first sales? Through participation in this course, you are about to find out – but not by analyzing business cases and decisions – you will be helping a UConn-affiliated start up in real-time address pressing challenges they are facing with growth development.

This course provides an opportunity to hone and expand your skills in the areas of market-based research, analysis, and problem solving, interpersonal and team dynamics, strategy development, and professional consulting.  Successful completion requires teamwork, dedication to solving the very real challenge at hand, and an acceptance and willingness to work through ambiguity, good judgement, and creativity within an environment of scarce information and resources.  

How to enroll:

Open to graduate students from all disciplines and schools/colleges across the university, as well as distinguished undergraduate students.  Apply at  Please contact Rae Asselin at with any questions.

Biomedical Entrepreneurship (BME 6086-020)

Course Details:

This Biomedical Entrepreneurship course is designed to train future life science entrepreneurs, and focuses on entrepreneurship in the medical device and biopharmaceutical space. It is based on the premise that entrepreneurship is a critical mechanism to bring new technologies to market that will benefit society. Moreover, entrepreneurship is particularly critical in the medical device industry, where product life cycles are typically very short and a firm’s innovativeness dictates competitive advantage. Biopharmaceutical startups face particular challenges given long development cycles. BME Course Flyer for more details.

The course is cross-listed in the Schools of Engineering (BME 6086-020) and Business (BADM 5894-011 and MGMT 5895-012). It will be held Wednesdays, 3-6pm at the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CCEI) facility in East Hartford (222 Pitkin St.) – a central location for students in Storrs, Hartford, and Farmington.

How to Enroll:
A short application process is required. Please complete the application online. Upon approval, you will receive an email with notification of acceptance and a permission number to register.  Open to graduate students across all disciplines, as well as distinguished undergraduate students.  Please contact Rae Asselin at with any questions.