Innovation Accelerator


Cutting-edge entrepreneurial education for students; Value-added support for early-stage ventures.

Students from different backgrounds are placed in teams and assigned to tackle a real-life challenge for a local startup:

The Innovation Accelerator is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters as a 3-credit course for graduate students, and a few distinguished undergraduates. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. (BADM 5320 / MGMT 4899).  Apply here.


The IA Program offers Students:

  • an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship in real time;
  • approaches to entrepreneurship (Lean Launch methodology and Customer Discovery by startup pioneer Steve Blank);
  • key consulting principles employed by McKinsey & Company; 
  • training as a consultant; and
  • mentorship from a professional with startup experience in a related industry


The IA Program offers Startups:

  • comprehensive market research and the development of market-entry strategies;
  • development strategic road-maps and sustainable business models;
  • evaluation of the market potential for emerging technologies; and
  • construction of customer engagement strategies


Student Testimonial:
“[I benefitted from] active learning in the art of consulting, working in a challenging team, and learning about a subject I probably never would have investigated. [It helped me ] understand what specifically goes into a startup and figuring out what market to pursue.”  -- Spring 2015 IA participant

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Meet the Instructors

Timothy B. Folta

Timothy B. Folta

Professor, School of Business
Thomas John and Bette Wolff Family Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship
Faculty Director, Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Fellow of the University of Strasbourg Institute for Study

Michelle Cote

Michelle Cote

Managing Director, CCEI
Develops programs and support networks for students, faculty, and alumni to build and practice entrepreneurial thinking and skills, and resources to form their new ventures