Month: November 2016

EBV’s Michael Zacchea’s “The Ragged Edge” coming 4/1/2017.

51qv4pqayyl-_sx330_bo1204203200_UConn’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans Director, Michael Zacchea, publishes “The Ragged Edge, A US Marine’s Account of Leading the Iraqi Army Fifth Battalion”.

… [from Amazon book preview] At a time when the United States debates how deeply to involve itself in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Col. Michael Zacchea, USMC (ret.), holds a unique vantage point on our still-ongoing war. Deployed to Iraq in March 2004, his team’s mission was to build, train, and lead in combat the first Iraqi army battalion trained by the US military. Zacchea tells a deeply personal and powerful story while shedding light on the dangerous pitfalls of training foreign troops to fight murderous insurgents. The Ragged Edge is the first American military memoir out of Iraq or Syria that features complex Arab and Kurdish characters and that intimately explores their culture and politics in a dispassionate way. Zacchea’s invaluable lessons about Americans working with Arabs and Kurds to fight insurgency and terrorism come precisely when such wartime collaboration is happening more than at any time in US history.

Hartford Kicks Open Its Doors to Innovators

New York Times

Square Feet
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CCEI’s Michelle Cote is working on this project and was quoted in this New York Times article.

“There’s an incredible concentration of institutions that have the capacity to foster start-up activity and second-stage business growth activity,” said Ms. Cote, who is the managing director of the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Connecticut’s School of Business. “It’s a matter of getting them better connected and working toward everyone’s shared benefit.”

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