Revamped Wolff New Venture Competition Surprises Audience with Two Medical-Device Champs

Posted on School of Business website, October 18, 2016, written by Claire Hall.

2016-10-12_wolffThe late Thomas John Wolff ’56 was an entrepreneur, and UConn School of Business alumnus, who ran five businesses simultaneously. He exemplified values like enthusiasm, mentorship and appreciation.

If he were here to witness the revised Wolff New Venture Competition on Sept. 29, his children said, there is no doubt he would have loved it all—especially the hard-fought, unexpected, first-place tie that crowned two UConn-led medical innovation teams as the champions.

The two winners were ProtectiScope, a hands-free method to improve stethoscope hygiene in health-care settings, and LambdaVision, a protein-based retinal implant for the treatment of blinding degenerative eye diseases. Both startups will be able to take new steps on their path toward market readiness because of their victories and $15,000 in prize money.

“I was pretty excited. This award is exactly what we needed to propel forward with our next step,” said ProtectiScope inventor Elizabeth Pouya. “We’re looking to speak with people in healthcare about what we should include in the design in order to make it attractive to buyers. It’s really important to validate our market before we invest a lot in the development.”

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